Coaching Packages

  • Six (6) 1-hour video coaching sessions
  • Sessions are best held 2-3 weeks apart to facilitate growth
  • Unlimited email access for Q&A throughout the engagement
  • Practical tools & homework assignments between sessions to reinforce learning



360’s are a great way to unearth blind-spots and development opportunities.

  • A 360 can be done as an add-on to a coaching package or as a stand-alone activity.
  • Depending on the organizational culture, Silver Branch offers two approaches to 360’s:
    • High-tech. This option is done via an online portal. Reports come with tons of information including benchmark data against thousands of other managers.
    • Traditional. This option collects information from individuals in voice-to-voice interviews. Then a customized report is written for each individual.
    • In either the High-Tech or Traditional version, a 1-hour debrief and coaching session is included.
  • Silver Branch Consulting can also provide debrief and coaching sessions for  360’s gathered by other technology solutions. We review reports in advance and then work with the client to create developmental goals that best support their growth.



  • Leadership assessment such as Strengths Finder, Hogan, Myers-Briggs or Energy Leadership can be provided to individuals or teams as part of a coaching engagement or workshop.
  • Use the Hogan assessment as one of the only legal methods to pre-screen and hire senior level staff.


Training & Workshops

Employee Engagement is significantly higher when organizations focus on employee development.

Workshops range from 90-minutes to full-day initiatives:

  • Strategy sessions: Vision, Mission & Values and Goal Setting
  • Team Development Workshops (Trust and Alignment)
  • Values-based Leadership and Personal Branding
  • Impostor Syndrome
  • Master Feedback & Difficult Conversations
  • Create a Coaching Culture
  • Self Care
  • Cultivate Influence
  • Inclusive Communication & Implicit Bias
  • Energy Leadership (Individual Assessments Optional)
  • Myers Briggs Workshop (Assessments Required)


Silver Branch Consulting works with organizations to understand the company strategy and developmental needs. We then customize content to meet your team where you’re at and deliver exceptional growth experiences.

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