Bust through imposter syndrome, get paid what you’re worth, and land the C-Suite job you deserve – in months, not years.


The Story in my Mind

I was capable and had extensive training to do my job well,

But it was my *stories* that perpetuated my anxiety. 

The story said: “Unless I am perfect – I’m going to fail…

…and therefore, I am not safe.”

It was my fear of being rejected for not being perfect enough.

This story comes from centuries of programming.

Our patriarchal society tells women that we are not enough.

Not capable enough or worthy enough of having power. 

I decided to take control of these stories and fears.

BUT I didn’t know exactly where to start.

I tried everything from time-management courses to acupuncture!

Some of it helped but I was still lacking the *right* approach.


My First “Head of” Job

I was struggling with imposter syndrome…

…despite the fact that it wasn’t my first leadership role.  

In 2015, I had been working in the HR field for 14 years…

…and I was promoted to SVP and Head of HR.

Was the scope of work different? No.

Was I new to the company? Absolutely not.

Did everyone believe I was ready for the promotion? For sure. 

Yet, I had crippling anxiety. Every. Single. Day. 

Subconsciously, I was terrified I would fail and lose it all.

In fact, I went to the ER due to a panic attack….twice!


I Hired a Coach 

With the support of a coach, I began working on my mindset.

I also learned a set of critical leadership skills.

Combined, I developed the bandwidth to be a better leader.

I built solid relationships and delivered exceptional results. 

Within 1 year, I was promoted to Chief People Officer.

AND… I could lead without anxiety or imposter syndrome. 

Through coaching, I learned that almost every woman has felt like an imposter. 

Have you experienced this phenomenon?

What about the tendency to believe you’ll be selected based on merit?

These beliefs (my beliefs) contribute to the vast under-representation of women

in C-level roles in Corporate America.

We have more power than we realize to stop this pattern on our own!


In my many years as an HR professional and executive coach, I’ve seen that women hold unrealistically high standards for themselves. They believe that they must be pulling off incredible feats like Wonder Woman – without a hair out of place like the perfect Barbie Doll. 

I’m here to tell you that’s NOT true, and that limiting belief is preventing you (and other women) from stepping into more power. 

Most importantly, it’s keeping women out of boardrooms and it’s hurting us as a society.



In my not-so-humble opinion, that is disgusting. 

Women are masters at multitasking, dedicated to creating community, and compassionate leaders.

And we are NEEDED at the highest levels of leadership. 

In this capitalistic society – power and privilege have traditionally belonged to men. 


It’s time for women to re-balance the equation and level the playing field. 

For the first time ever, I’m sharing my proven strategies to end imposter syndrome and break into the C-Suite, so that you can expand your influence and use your power to open even more doors for women at the top. 


Working at a newer, bigger, better job - and stepping up as the badass leader that you are!

Earning more money and having more influence by expressing your natural strengths - and without losing your sanity or integrity.

Leading a larger team, making power moves and using your influence to change your company’s culture (the way you’ve always wanted to!)

Feeling fully equipped - emotionally, mentally and strategically - to handle bigger responsibilities with grace and ease.

Developing future leaders of your company and helping them create the career moves they want - and feeling good as you’re doing it!

Enjoying your life, taking vacations and showing up for your family - even though you have more responsibilities.

Smashing the racist patriarchy, opening doors for more women at the top and showing up as an exemplary leader with kindness, integrity and excellence.


The 12-month group coaching program is for corporate women leaders who want to expand their influence, end imposter syndrome, and land a C-level position (without losing their sanity, integrity, or freedom). 

Led by Former Chief People Officer, Executive Coach, and Master Trainer, Carrie Weaver.



WEEK 1: The Core Curriculum

During the first week of each month, you will be given access to video training  (live or recorded if you can’t make it) + PDF resources on topics that help you end imposter syndrome, become more influential, and develop strategic skills that help you become a better leader.

Across the 12 months of the program, we will be addressing topics that help you build the strategic expertise and experience the mindset transformations needed to step into that C-level role.  (Full list of topics included below.) 

WEEK 2: One-to-One Laser Coaching

During the second week of each month, you’ll have the option to book a 15-min laser coaching session with Carrie to get answers to your questions directly from her. Program participants will also be online listening and learning in the space of vulnerability, sharing, and growth.

One-to-one coaching spots are limited each month and will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. 

WEEK 3: Group Coaching 

During the third week of each month, you’ll have the option to join us for a group coaching experience with fellow participants in the program inside the “Discover” Sessions.

These sessions are 60-minutes long and will be recorded for participants who can’t join the call live. 

WEEK 4: The “Celebrate Success” Sessions 

During the fourth week of each month, you’ll have the option to join us for a group call with fellow participants in the program inside the “Celebrate Success” Sessions. You will be celebrating each other’s success, learning from peers, and fine-tuning your strategy to move forward with your career up-leveling.

These sessions are  60-minutes long and will be recorded for participants who can’t join the calls live. 

It’s your time to "Break into the C-Suite"


  • You feel like an imposter and you’re afraid of failing. 
  • You struggle to assert your opinions or ideas during critical meetings.
  • You’re frustrated you’re not in the C-Suite – even after paying your dues.
  • You’re tired of seeing (often less capable) men get ahead – because they show up with more confidence.
  • You feel you have what it takes, but there’s an invisible barrier that’s holding you back from unleashing that power. 
  • You’re not comfortable with public speaking and know it’s holding you back from that C-Suite job!


  • You’re showing up with total confidence and building influence, and people treat you better as a result of it.
  • You’ve established a recognizable personal leadership brand.
  • You’re communicating powerfully – with competence, clarity, and purpose.
  • You’re developing future leaders and opening doors for women at the top!
  • You’re not busting your backside because you’ve started delegating fully.
  • You’re creating culture change at the top!

Program Curriculum

Each month covers a core concept required to excel in the C-Suite. You’ll receive coaching and resources to help you advance your abilities, increase your confidence, and become a more influential leader.

January: The Presentation Month

Build competence around public speaking, develop the confidence to shine on stage, and learn how to influence large audiences – with grace and ease. Even if you’ve hated public speaking in the past, this module will help you develop the essential public speaking skills you need to be able to break into the C-Suite.

February: The Mindset Month

Understand the science behind Imposter Syndrome, uncover your limiting beliefs and reframe your thoughts so that you can stay on top of your game and be the badass leader you were born to be.

March: The Branding Month

Learn how to articulate your personal leadership values, strengths, and purpose in a heartfelt, non-jargon way that will motivate and inspire action from others (aligned with your brand).

April: The Visioning Month

Create a master roadmap that allows you to get to your ultimate vision without going off-track along the way. This acts as your compass for daily decision making and allows you to stay on the path to success, influence, and expansion.

May: The Expectations Month

Discover how you respond to inner and outer expectations, and create a plan that keeps self-sabotage at bay. This module is a game-changer for women who can’t seem to figure out why they become sidetracked from achieving their goals.

June: The Personality Month

It’s time to express the best parts of your personality – and step into authentic leadership and influence. Explore your personality type and capitalize on your natural strengths –  while learning the areas you most need to “flex” to lead in a more powerful manner.

July: The Trust Month

Trust is the foundation of effective relationships that are required for being successful in the C-Suite. Understand your preferred trust language and accelerate the process of building trust with others – so that you can get the support you need to perform at work without losing your sanity.

August: The Coaching Month

Learn the fundamentals of coaching, inspire action from your peers, and equip your team with problem-solving skills so that you can delegate more, increase the quality of deliverables, and uplevel your team’s performance.

September: The Assertion Month

Show up with power, ask for what you want with clarity and get it every time by mastering the skill of assertion. Powerfully expressing ideas and opinions is critical for all women looking to step into the C-Suite and have a seat at the table.

October: The Focus Month

Learn best practices for prioritizing projects and delivering exceptional results while staying on top of your personal life.  This module also gives you the tools to determine what matters the most at any given time. 

November: The Resilience Month

Too often, women in leadership positions give all of themselves – until there’s nothing left to give. The truth is… you cannot pour from an empty cup. In this module, understand the eight aspects of life fulfillment and how to prioritize and rebalance self-care with purpose and intention when you’re in the C-Suite. 

December: The Ideation Month

Master the art of creative problem-solving by innovating and ideating better than most leaders. The best part? You don’t even have to come up with the best ideas yourself, but rather, be the leader who can sort, pick, and combine ideas from your team to deliver maximum impact.

Program Time Commitment

We’ve included what’s absolutely critical for you to succeed. There’s no fluff.

The amount of content is not overwhelming. 

You’ll be required to dedicate just 90-minutes per week.

(That’s less time than watching ONE movie on Netflix per week!)

Attending sessions live is encouraged, but if you’re unable to attend live, you can watch all the modules + group call recordings at your own convenience.

What Clients Are Saying...

Meet Carrie!

Former Chief People Officer, Certified Coach, Master Trainer and CEO

I have nearly 20 years of experience working at various organizations from tiny 20-person startups to 140,000-strong global conglomerates.  In all these years, there’s one thing that has stayed consistent throughout – my love for developing people into their most influential selves. 

Even when I was the Chief People Officer, I was most excited about fine-tuning people’s natural talent so they could elevate themselves and show up as the badass leader they were destined to be. 

Since 2016 – I’ve been using my passion for developing talent with private clients, which has been an honor and privilege ….but, this isn’t about me. 

This is about you. Are you tired of waiting for power to be handed to you? 

Are you fed up seeing other (and sometimes not-so-capable) men shoot for the C-level job you want and get it, while you wait to be selected based on merit?

Are you done doubting yourself, beating yourself up in your head, and putting way too much pressure on yourself to be the perfect Wonder Woman-Barbie Doll while also handling your family and other life commitments?

I say eff that noise! You are already capable. You already have enough experience.

All you need is a little support to fine-tune your existing strengths so you can own what you’re capable of and show up in your full power. 

This is your opportunity to become the C-Suite Leader you know you’re capable of being… AND experience more influence, power, and growth than ever before. I hope you join me in rebalancing and redesigning Corporate America!



  • (12) “Learn” content modules of science-based skills curriculum 
  • One-to-one Laser Coaching Sessions
  • (12)  “Share” Group Participant Sessions
  • (12) “Celebrate”  Group Sharing Sessions 
  • 1 cohort graduation party
  • 24 months access to Break Into The C-Suite Program


$1,500 per quarter

(4 payments over 12 months)


  • (12) “Learn” content modules of science-based skills curriculum 
  • One-to-one Laser Coaching Sessions
  • (12) “Share” Group Participant Sessions
  • (12) “Celebrate”  Group Sharing Sessions 
  • 1 cohort graduation party
  • 24 months access to Break Into The C-Suite Program



Saves $1,000 annually!


This Program Is For You If...
You’re currently 1-3 levels removed from the C-Suite in a medium to large corporation.
You want to kick Imposter Syndrome to the curb and own your expertise.
You want a clear roadmap for that next-level job.
You care about coaching and developing others.
You want to get better at asserting yourself where it matters.
You want to become a master presenter and public speaker.
You value kindness, integrity, and excellence.
This Program Is NOT For You If...
You’re not yet leading a team. You’re 3+ levels removed from the C-Suite.
You don’t have the ambition to lead at the highest level. You’re currently working within a startup, non-profit, or another small employer with less than 100 employees. You’ll step on others to get ahead. You believe that being a leader entitles you to be a jerk.
You don’t value learning and personal development.


I like the curriculum, but I don't need help with all 12 aspects. Can I pick and choose my own curriculum?

No – this content has been curated by Carrie based on her 17 years of HR expertise, leadership, and Executive coaching plus the thousands of leadership candidates she’s interviewed over her career. Time and again, she finds that even the most expert leaders need to level up in these 12 areas. Even if you are already strong in a few of them – you’ll learn the subtle shifts required to become even more influential. Stay the course – and you’ll reap incredible results along the way. 

Do you have any kind of group or community for us to engage with other members in the program?

Yes, there will be a community available inside the Kajabi platform where our video content is hosted. You’re welcome to interact with other participants inside the community forum.

Do I really need to spend 12 months inside the program? Can’t I expedite it and do it faster?

Yes, you’ll need to spend the full 12 months inside the program – and no, you can’t expedite it. This learning experience has been strategically built to deliver the best results for you. The truth is: it takes time to create long-term mindset shifts and learn important strategic skills that move your career forward. My expertise tells me that you need 12 months to go through the program – but you WILL see results within the first few months. Follow the system and trust the process – so that we can help you achieve the results you want, the right way!

I’m not comfortable with being coached in front of others, can I have private 1:1 sessions?

You will be given access to 15-20 min one-to-one laser coaching sessions with Carrie each month, BUT they will be conducted “in front of” other group members. These sessions present an incredible opportunity for deep and powerful learning for you. When you watch someone else getting coached around issues you might be facing as well – it allows you to learn by observation and feel inspired as you see others having breakthroughs that move them forward. Laser coaching sessions are booked on a first-come, first-served basis every month. 

Do I really need coaching at this time? Can’t I figure this out on my own?

Great question! I want to make this clear for you once and for all – coaching is NOT a sign of weakness or that something is “wrong” with you. The purpose of coaching is to take you to an even GREATER level of competence. All the best actors, athletes, musicians, etc. have coaches, why wouldn’t corporate leaders?!

How many hours per week are required to excel in this program?

1-2 hours per week should be sufficient to maximize your professional development.

How many laser coaching sessions can I have each month?

You can sign up for one (1) laser coaching session each month. Participants will be chosen based on a first-come, first-serve basis and/or whether they’ve recently been coached “live”. As program participation grows, laser coaching each month may not be guaranteed. 

Do I have to attend each session “live” every month?

No. The sessions will be recorded and available on the content platform for viewing at your own pace afterward. However, for the 1:1 laser coaching sessions – you have to attend live. 

How many participants will be part of the program?

Currently, ONLY 25 seats are open each quarter, beginning January, April, July, and October 1st. This is to ensure our participants have a personalized developmental experience. 

Is this a women’s networking program?

Not specifically. This program is a facilitated learning and 1:1 coaching program (that happens in a group setting). There will be an opportunity to meet program participants, share learning, and celebrate shared success but this group coaching program is specifically designed to strengthen your leadership skills above your network. 

Is the program really only for women?

Yes. Women comprise only 7.4% of CEOs in the Fortune 500 and are underrepresented in all C-level roles compared to men on the order of 5 to 1 (5 men to every 1 woman). This program is about readying women to influence their way into the highest levels of power so together, we can redesign and rebalance the power dynamic in Corporate America. 


When can I join the program?

Quarterly during an “open enrollment period” which are the last two weeks of March, June, September, and December. In 2021, ONLY 25 participants will be admitted each quarter to keep the program intimate.  If you enroll during an “open enrollment” period, your program will begin at the start of the next calendar month after the date you join. As an example, if you enroll on March 25th, April 1st will be your first official month in the program. If you enroll on June 18th, July 1st will be your first official month in the program. 


..and want to build REAL influence and power that allows you to create culture change and open more doors for women at the top – then Break Into The C-Suite is the program for you. I can’t wait to see you in the program!

Loving all this but feel you need to talk it through?

Book a call with Carrie!