How to Answer the Two Most Important Interview Questions20190224202056

How to Answer the Two Most Important Interview Questions

I’m happy to announce that Silver Branch Consulting has redefined its niche and core offering, which is interview coaching for executives. This inte...
Dare to Lead20190210165938

Dare to Lead

Carrie WeaverFebruary 10, 2019, , 0 comments
I’ve just finished Brene Brown’s newest book Dare to Lead. It’s the best leadership book I’ve read in a long time. To summarize, Brown calls u...
Leader on Leader Frustrations20190204132556

Leader on Leader Frustrations

Carrie WeaverFebruary 4, 2019, 0 comments
I work with leaders in a variety of industries and organizational sizes. Lately, it seems most of my clients are frustrated with the leadership at the...