Confidence 1.0

What makes you feel confident? For me, sometimes it’s the small things… like remembering the time I did the Tarzan swing in Costa Rica which was basically jumping off a 60-foot platform and swinging into the air with nothing more than a hope and a harness. While this may sound exhilarating to some, it was […]

Courage 1.0

Putting yourself out there is one of the hardest things to do as a new entrepreneur. When we work with our passion, especially something we create, we subconsciously decide that our business efforts are inextricably linked to our identity. Then, if people don’t receive our efforts well, it is translated as a reject of self. […]

Indecision 1.0

What gets in the way of making a decision? Why do we stay in confusion? Typically, the answer is fear. Fear that our decision will be wrong and we may regret it later. It is easier to stay undecided because you never have to put yourself out there and experience the potential negative emotion of […]