Perseverance 1.020180924142750

Perseverance 1.0

Carrie WeaverSeptember 24, 20180 comments
I can be tenacious…stubborn really. Perseverance is the kinder word for the obstinate personality some of us are born with and some are not. When yo...
Ownership 1.020180921090003

Ownership 1.0

Carrie WeaverSeptember 21, 20180 comments
When you’re an entrepreneur, initially the success of your business is all you. This lends itself to exposing both our strengths and weaknesses. For...
Leadership 1.020180917134046

Leadership 1.0

Carrie WeaverSeptember 17, 20180 comments
Unfortunately, I don’t know Beyoncé so I can’t ask her intended meaning of her quote, “Power’s not given to you. You have to take it.” I do...
Confidence 1.020180910225244

Confidence 1.0

Carrie WeaverSeptember 10, 20180 comments
What makes you feel confident? For me, sometimes it’s the small things… like remembering the time I did the Tarzan swing in Costa Rica which was b...
Courage 1.020180813232956

Courage 1.0

Carrie WeaverAugust 13, 20180 comments
Putting yourself out there is one of the hardest things to do as a new entrepreneur. When we work with our passion, especially something we create, we...
Indecision 1.020180730214412

Indecision 1.0

Carrie WeaverJuly 30, 20180 comments
What gets in the way of making a decision? Why do we stay in confusion? Typically, the answer is fear. Fear that our decision will be wrong and we may...