Lessons from Coaching Leaders

Happiness 1.0

  I’m currently reading a phenomenal book called Sapiens, a Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari. The biological-anthropological based discussion weaves the author’s philosophy in many of the chapters, but the one that got me thinking today was a chapter on the concept of human happiness. The author demonstrates that on a macro-level, at […]

Uniqueness 1.0

There are a lot of Executive and Leadership coaches out there. When I think about what makes me unique, I sometimes struggle to articulate my secret sauce. It’s all the intangible soft skills that make me really good at what I do. It’s my ability to connect deeply with another human being through an empathic […]

Perseverance 1.0

I can be tenacious…stubborn really. Perseverance is the kinder word for the obstinate personality some of us are born with and some are not. When you are an entrepreneur though, having the perseverance to forge ahead, through the river of misery, adapting along the way, is actually what sets successful businesses apart from those that […]

Ownership 1.0

When you’re an entrepreneur, initially the success of your business is all you. This lends itself to exposing both our strengths and weaknesses. For me, entrepreneurship fits my strengths nicely. I’m a strategic planner. I’m creative. Being a “doer”, I genuinely like to work. I like to network and talk shop with people. I’m also […]

Leadership 1.0

Unfortunately, I don’t know Beyoncé so I can’t ask her intended meaning of her quote, “Power’s not given to you. You have to take it.” I don’t get the sense this is a dictatorial play, driven by ego to control those around her. The meaning I make is this… Stand up for what you believe […]