Interview Bootcamp

The Philosophy: Financial success is the outward expression of the incredible value you put into the world. This monetary success comes from an amazing job which ultimately gives you the freedom to live life on your terms.


The Challenge: There are way more senior-level candidates than there are open positions. If you want to land one of them, you need to differentiate yourself and stand out as the best-fit candidate. Your interview performance will be the deciding factor.   


The Solution: Leaders who complete the program learn the strategies that make top candidates undeniably hireable and maximize the likelihood of reaching their desired position.


Interview Bootcamp Will Enable You To:

  1. Show up in any interview with 100% self-mastery and confidence.
  2. Expertly answer the most essential interview questions and feel great about your responses.
  3. Tailor your responses to meet the exact needs of the specific position you’re interviewing for, based on the job description.
  4. Deliver a value proposition that will convince your future employer you’re the best-fit candidate.
  5. Assure the company you are the most committed candidate by preparing a rock-solid 90-Day plan.
    • BONUS: Carrie will provide you with a FREE 90-Day template.


Interview Bootcamp Features

  • 2-hour one-to-one video coaching
    • Mock interviewing and answer refinement
    • Honing of your value proposition
    • Body-language coaching
  • Digital Workbook
    • 26 of the most common interview questions
    • Tips and tricks on interview best practices
    • Pre-work generally takes 2-4 hours of preparation
  • Flexible timing
    • Register using Calendly
  • Investment: 
    • $997
    • Payment is taken at the time of registration via PayPal


At least 48 hours in advance, you’ll send Carrie your resume and the job description (or ideal job) you’re aiming to land.

Are you ready to nail your interview?