Ashwini Anburajan

Looking for a job and figuring out the next step in your career is never easy. But doing it during a pandemic when you’ve just been laid off can feel like climbing Mt Everest in flip flops. Working with Carrie made a process that felt nearly impossible not only manageable but hopeful. She gave me […]

Katie Hunt-Morr

I’ve been offered coaches in the past and never found them effective, and most often, a waste of time. Carrie changed my mind about the field and has been transformational in my career transition. Relying on neuroscience and her extensive HR and hiring background, her approach is no-nonsense, strategic, and nothing short of brilliant. Carrie […]

Scarlett Sieber

As a seasoned executive, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I learned from Carrie. She helped me to hone my message and articulate my vision in a way that resonates with my desired audience. While I engaged with Carrie for executive coaching, my takeaways are transferable to my daily life as a leader and […]

Carrie Sui Butt

I signed up to work with Carrie as my executive coach after seeing her discussing elements of how to navigate the C-Suite. I appreciated her delivery, substance, and candor and instantly knew she would be the right coach for me. The investment financially and emotionally was worth it! Carrie’s guidance and coaching have enhanced my […]