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It's not hyperbole to say you were born to lead.

Like so many of my clients and students, I’m sure if you’re reading this you have a similar story.

  • You were the “bossy” one in school.
  • You were the one always at the helm of group projects.
  • When you entered the Corporate world, Management quickly identified you as the star you are.
  • You’ve moved up the ranks.


But now that you’ve put in the years of work to climb the ladder, you’re still stuck wondering how to break into the last realm: The C-Suite.

When you look around, there aren’t a lot of people who look like you. Maybe you’re frustrated that the highest ranks promote people who have the same (if not less) passion, drive, and credentialling as you do.

Here’s the thing: The power and position we want will not be given to us easily. Our presence breaks generations of status quo.

We have to be ready to take what’s meant to be ours. And you shouldn’t have to go into it alone.

That’s why Silver Branch Consulting exists.

These stats are an unacceptable reality.

We can will do better.

Influence Your Way Into the C-Suite

If you’ve wondered what it takes to break into the C-Suite, here’s the answer.

It’s influence.

It sounds simple, but researchers in the study of leadership agree: The defining components of influential people, and those in top leadership roles, come down to The Four C’s.

CompetenceYou must be excellent at what you do.
CommitmentYou must be committed to providing value to your organization and its people.
ConfidenceYou must assert your ideas and opinions.
ConnectednessYou must have a genuine network of other influential leaders.

The absence of mastery in these four skills prohibits promising leaders from advancing to the C-Suite.

Coupled with systemic racism and sexism, the finish line for women in Corporate America becomes even more distant.

Silver Branch Consulting's mission is to permanently break the glass ceiling throughout Corporate America, demonstrated by 60% of Fortune 500 CEOs being women by the year 2040.

It’s your time to "Break into the C-Suite"

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