“We spend the majority of our waking hours at work. I believe it should be the norm rather than the exception that people love what they do. I help my clients find, land, and succeed in their dream jobs.”

– Carrie Weaver

Carrie Weaver, Expert Coach & Trainer 

Provides Development in Three Phases:

1. Job Clarity

2. Interview Coaching

3. Success in the first 90-days

If you’re a senior leader looking to make your next major career move, you should be able to:

  • Express your entire career history in 90-seconds or less
  • Deliver an engaging brand statement and value proposition
  • Ace a full day of interviews with C-level leaders
  • Talk through a detailed 90-day plan


During Carrie’s 15-year HR career, she interviewed thousands of candidates and then hired & on-boarded hundreds of leaders. Her excellence and humor make her programs both engaging and confidence-boosting. She’ll provide you with the strategies to maximize your potential of finding, landing, and succeeding in your dream job.  

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