Executive Coaching in Three Phases:

1. Job Clarity

2. Interview Preparation

3. Success in the first 90-days

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Preparation is Two-Thirds of any Venture!

If you’re a senior leader looking to make your next major career move, you should be able to:

  • Express your entire career history in 90-seconds or less
  • Deliver an engaging brand statement
  • Articulate your value proposition
  • Ace a full day of interviews with C-level leaders
  • Talk through a detailed 90-day plan


Not sure you’re totally prepared?!

No problem! Silver Branch specializes in executive interview preparation strategies that will maximize your potential of landing your dream job and set you up for success during your first year.  

Interview Preparation Program Services

Resume ReviewYour resume is an advertisement of everything amazing about you. Get the inside tips and tricks that will set you apart from the rest.
90-Day PlanFor a 2nd or 3rd round interview, you need a 90-Day plan that's been vetted by someone who's been there, done that.
Mindset CoachingSelf mastery is essential in landing an executive level position. Remove blocks and reframe thoughts to best support your progression.
Leadership BrandingPersonal Leadership Branding is your ticket to being seen as viable C-Level candidate. Learn how to craft your statement and articulate your value proposition.
Unlimited EmailThroughout the program, you'll be able to get in touch as needed for quick questions and support along the way!
Interview Bootcamp2 hours of intensive interview preparation which will make you undeniably hireable by the program conclusion!

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