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4 Steps to Land Your Ideal Job

Landing your ideal, best-fit job is possible!

Just follow these four steps and complete the supporting action items to supercharge your job search and become your own interview hero using the Career CAPE method!

I-CYA Value Proposition Webinar

Having a clear, concise value proposition statement is a winning interview technique. It tells your future employer what they have to gain by hiring you – all in a short, impactful statement. This lesson teaches you my formula for creating your own unique statement that you can use right away! You’ll learn about the I-CYA method too!

1:1 Meeting Template

Meetings should be powerful and efficient, yet most leaders don’t maximize time with their staff.

Make the most of face-to-face meetings with this amazing tool that encourages two-way feedback.

90-Day Plan

For a senior-level interview, you’ll need to convince your future employer you have a plan for a successful start and thoughtful metrics to measure your impact.

With this template, you’ll be able to:

✔️ Show a future employer you have a rock-solid plan for success.

✔️ Determine a set of thoughtful metrics to measure your impact in year one.

✔️ Track your personal and team progress on attaining your goals.

Career Commitment Template

Define what motivates your staff and align their career needs to your own with this powerful developmental framework.

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