You can love what you do and still rise the ranks

I'm Carrie Weaver...

A former HR executive, leadership coach, master trainer, and CEO of Silver Branch Consulting.

During my 15-year HR career, I partnered with C-level leaders to drive exceptional business outcomes with people at the forefront of that strategy. And truthfully, it felt great to see my companies “winning”…  but there was always this nagging feeling when I looked around the board room and saw the same faces… mostly men, mostly white. Where was the diversity? Where were the women?!

When it Wasn't Enough

I originally started Silver Branch Consulting to teach all executives enhanced leadership skills as well as prepare (mostly women) leaders to nail the interview so they’d have a better chance at receiving executive-level offers.

While I love one-to-one coaching work, and my Interview Bootcamp program has a high success rate, it simply wasn’t enough… The statistics don’t lie. Women in the C-Suite are still grossly underrepresented.

These stats infuriate and motivate me to do more…

Understanding I’m only one person, I know I can reach more people to do my part in rebalancing the power dynamic in Corporate America.


Beginning in 2021, Silver Branch Consulting is shifting its focus to provide Break into the C-Suite, a 12-month group coaching program specifically designed for emerging C-level women in leadership positions.

The goal is simple: To arm women with the skills and behaviors required to excel in leadership positions so they are not just ready for, but influence their own advancement to the C-Suite.

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Get to Know Carrie

Hiring a coach is a personal matter. You have to trust them as your career guide. It’s a big deal. Credentials are one thing… But understanding who someone is as a human is just as important.

Carrie Weaver is a midwesterner at heart – hailing from Rockford, Illinois. She’s a former Geologist, a vegan foodie, a watercolorist, a nature-lover, an eco-conscious consumer, a volunteer, a daily meditator, an “arts & crafts meets MacGyver” maker, a traveler, a sister to twin brothers, an Auntie, a daughter of parents married 50+ years, a partner to her beloved, a dog-mom to Penny and Vinny (senior rescued Italian Greyhounds), and a Berkeley, CA resident. Carrie loves interior design & aesthetics and is one house-plant away from an intervention. Carrie values creativity, growth, kindness, excellence, and efficiency. Her spirit animal is David Rose from Schitt’s Creek.

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