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I provide a variety of services to meet you where you are on your journey. Career clarity coaching is a big deal – my clients are aiming to answer those two huge life questions: 

“Who am I?” and “What will I do?”

However you choose to work with me, know you’re walking this path with a trusted partner and guide that is committed to helping you find clarity and fulfillment.

Career CAPE

Career CAPE is a virtual career clarity and interview mastery program that supercharges your job search process and helps you become your own interview hero.

Virtual Course

Full Program

I-CYA Interview Bootcamp

In theory you know how to conduct a successful interview but you also know you’d benefit from tailored one-to-one coaching.
After spending 2-hours with Coach Carrie you’ll be able to:

1. Show up in full confidence for your next interview.

2. Nail your “about me” and value proposition pitches.

3. Leverage your specific strengths to be viewed as the “solution” to their “problem.”

4. Deliver the perfectly structured interview response using the I-CYA method.

5. Develop awareness around and improve your body language.

Investment: $1,997

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