Do you want to nail your next job interview?

You can! Learn how to supercharge your job search and become your own interview hero with Career CAPE!

Career CAPE is a virtual, self-paced career clarity and interview mastery program with live coaching support from Carrie A. Weaver, CEO, Master Trainer, and THE Executive Coach that helps 4 out of 5 clients land a job offer from their very next interview engagement!

Available September 10, 2021!

You know something is missing in your career. Because you’re not happy…

Even if you’re secure in your role and confident in what you do, there’s just this nagging feeling deep down that you know you’re meant for more

Or maybe you’ve been bouncing from job to job every 18 months and you’re tired of feeling like a pinball.

But there’s just one problem….the last time you interviewed for a job was, well, when you landed your current role. 

Whether you’ve been in your cozy cubicle for 3, 5, or even 10 years, you know your interviewing skills are rusty and you’re terrified to put yourself back out there.

Yet, you know that a strong interview performance can make or break receiving a job offer. That’s a lot of pressure!

What if..

Stand out from other candidates, get hired, and make more money!

What if there was a way to find your perfect job – without all the trial and error? 

What if I told you there was a way to clarify which job would make you the happiest, and then give you a step-by-step process for getting that job?

What if instead of fumbling over your words and work history, you could interview with total confidence? 

That with the “right” preparation and winning mindset, you could learn how to nail every interview going forward?

What if…you could supercharge your interview?

Introducing Career CAPE a virtual career clarity and interview mastery program that supercharges your job search process and helps you be your own interview hero.

How do you differentiate yourself and land multiple job offers? Listen to Carrie Weaver, apply her strategy, and influence your way to the job that you deserve. Carrie’s coaching skills and techniques furnished me with the tools to develop a clear and compelling brand statement that gobsmacked listeners in awe. Engage with Carrie NOW!

– Sandra Denton, Vice President of Channels and Partnerships at Pipefy

Supercharge your Career through:


Four video content modules with expert lessons that teach you how to:

  • Clarify the next best career step for your talents.
  • Aim for that job by outlining your search process.
  • Polish up a kick-butt LinkedIn profile that gets you found by recruiters.
  • Execute a flawless interview performance!


Our highly tailored workbooks, frameworks, and exercises will guide you to:

  • Deepen your personal and professional development.
  • Provide you the knowingness and clarity about your next step.
  • Increase your confidence before and after the interview!
  • Enhance your ability to land an offer at a company you love!


In addition to the program content, you’ll also receive: 

  • 4-months of virtual, group coaching with weekly “office hours” over Zoom – pick Carrie’s brain directly!
  • 1:1 “Ask a Coach” support via Slack for all your career and interview questions
  • Be part of a positive & supportive community of other job seekers sharing tips, strategies, and wins!

Career CAPE is the result of 15+ years in HR and 5+ years as an interview coach – having spent time on both “sides of the table” over thousands of interviews.

Hi, my name is Carrie Weaver! 

I’m going to help you end the shaky hand – nervous sweat interview scaries!

I’ve spent my career finding the best-fit candidates in all sorts of companies from start-ups to the Fortune 500. Interview after interview, I noticed certain factors every top candidate demonstrated during their interview. Using this insider approach, I’m going to share my winning techniques that help 4 out of 5 clients get an offer!

Carrie’s Credentials: Carrie Weaver is an award-winning HR executive, ending her 15+ year career as a Chief People Officer. She has worked in tech start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies, plus everything in between. She is currently the CEO of Silver Branch Consulting, a leadership development firm helping career professionals clarify and land their dream jobs. She is a certified executive coach, holds a Master’s degree, and has multiple certifications in developmental frameworks including MBTI, Hogan, Energy Leadership, and Situational Leadership.

Ready to Supercharge Your Career?

What clients are saying…

It was a pleasure working with Carrie. As someone seasoned in executive interviewing, I was pleasantly surprised with how much I learned! Carrie really helped me to hone in on my message, focus on the important aspects, and articulate my vision and potential in a way that resonated so well that one of my interviewers asked if I had received the questions ahead of time! While I engaged with Carrie for interview preparation, my takeaways are transferable to my daily life as a leader and as a professional speaker.

Scarlett Sieber, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer, Money20/20

Looking for a job and figuring out the next step in your career is never easy. But doing it during a pandemic when you’ve just been laid off can feel like climbing Mt Everest in flip-flops. Working with Carrie made a process that felt nearly impossible not only manageable but hopeful. She gave me the tools to help frame my search, and position myself. The outcome couldn’t have been more perfect – I landed multiple offers at attractive companies and with Carrie’s guidance picked the perfect place for me. I can’t recommend working with Carrie enough!

Ashwini Anburajan, Business Development, Get Upside

I’ve been offered coaches in the past and never found them effective, and most often, a waste of time. Carrie changed my mind and has been transformational in my career transition. Relying on neuroscience and her extensive HR and hiring background, her approach is no-nonsense, strategic, and nothing short of brilliant. Carrie offered the exact tools I needed for every situation in a complex and quickly changing career move. She is an asset every female executive should have.

Katie Hunt-Morr, Philanthropic Foundation Executive

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