Fiz Olajide

Carrie Weaver is a multi-faceted executive coach whose instincts, skill, and care made my coaching with her a delight. Our time together was amidst a transformative period in my life where I was seeking guidance and strategic feedback to help propel me forward as I level up in my career. Carrie helped me identify and […]

Stephanie Solomon

I needed help in clearly articulating my professional experience to people outside my industry. Carrie listened to me like no one ever had before. Through her collaborative exercises, supportive reframing, and actionable tips, she instantly transformed how I conveyed my experience and value. I feel so much more confident in my messaging. I also have […]

Cherie G.

Carrie has a natural ability to get to the “heart” of an issue while being kind, yet direct. She supported me in driving clarity to align my intent with action and leveraging my personal strengths. I can see that what she does is not just a career, but a calling for her.

Elizabeth Jaeger

I was lucky enough to have Carrie as a coach at a very pivotal point in my career. After being promoted to a leadership and managerial position, I was facing several critical junctions of my professional development, and I am eternally grateful to have had Carrie to steer me through that journey. Her knowledge and […]