Confidence 1.0

Who’s Going to Stop Me?

What makes you feel confident? For me, sometimes it’s the small things… like remembering the time I did the Tarzan swing in Costa Rica which was basically jumping off a 60-foot platform and swinging into the air with nothing more than a hope and a harness. While this may sound exhilarating to some, it was a total badass move for me. I was afraid, yet I did it anyway. I literally took the leap.

On the intellectual side, confidence for me is also thinking about a few traits of mine, like my creativity and ingenuity, which set me apart from other coaches, especially in the way I apply creativity to my coaching practice. This always makes me feel confident. This post is about confidence – why? Many of my clients say they want more confident.

Taking 3 actionable steps per week that initially feel uncomfortable will eventually become normal, and then skilled. Pretty soon, you’ll get to a point where you’ll question, “Who’s going to stop me?”

Think about a few small actionable steps you can take this week to build your confidence. Maybe it’s going to the gym, offering to lead a project at work or reaching out to network with an Angel Investor. No matter how big it feels in the moment, you have already demonstrated confidence in your past which means you can do it now – today. So, go for it. You got this.