Influence Your Interviewer Part III20190915212253

Influence Your Interviewer Part III

Carrie WeaverSeptember 15, 20190 comments
This article is part three of a four-part series on how to influence your interviewer. If you haven’t read parts one and two, check them out he...
Influence Your Interviewer Part II20190904141900

Influence Your Interviewer Part II

Carrie WeaverSeptember 4, 20190 comments
This article is part 2 of 4 parts. You can read them stand-alone, but I recommend going back to Part I on Competence. You can find it here. When it co...
Influence Your Interviewer PART I20190828011752

Influence Your Interviewer PART I

Carrie WeaverAugust 28, 20190 comments
When it comes to interview performance, best-fit candidates are the ones who influence their interviewer to see them as such. You need to persuade you...
What is a Pay Cut Worth?20190813004924

What is a Pay Cut Worth?

Carrie WeaverAugust 13, 20190 comments
In the last few weeks, several people have reached out for career coaching with a similar theme. They want to change careers, but they don’t wan...
Resume Best Practices20190805145841

Resume Best Practices

Carrie WeaverAugust 5, 20190 comments
I’m a “Pro” on LinkedIn, meaning individuals can seek out my services for executive, career, and interview coaching. Additionally, L...
Anticipating a Job Change20190729211106

Anticipating a Job Change

Carrie WeaverJuly 29, 20190 comments
Have you ever been in a position that you knew wasn’t working out, and you decided to find a new job? Decisions like this come easy for some and...
Create a Memorable Moment in an Interview20190716080017

Create a Memorable Moment in an Interview

Carrie WeaverJuly 16, 20190 comments
I recently met a pig named Hamlette. He was leashed and walking through a convention center by his owner in Atlantic City. With his bristled hair and ...
How to Make Your Interviewer More Comfortable20190706194453

How to Make Your Interviewer More Comfortable

Carrie WeaverJuly 6, 20190 comments
Interviewing is an awkward thing. There’s a lot of pressure built into the process from the jump. You’re trying to put your best foot forw...
To Find Your Perfect Job – Go Deep20190701132047

To Find Your Perfect Job – Go Deep

Carrie WeaverJuly 1, 20190 comments
Do you wish you had a job you loved? Most of us yearn for something that lights us up and doesn’t feel like work because we’re so aligned ...
Why We Settle for Jobs We Don’t Love20190623130046

Why We Settle for Jobs We Don’t Love

Carrie WeaverJune 23, 20190 comments
I’m vegan for all the reasons people are vegan – ethical, environmental, and health. I do miss the taste of cheese, though. I was recently...