When Life Gets in the Way

I’ve been gone a while now! It hadn’t dawned on me until today when one of my clients said she gets a lot out of my weekly blog that anyone would be missing me during my five-week hiatus. My apologies, but life got in the way of business. I had a family loss of my beloved grandmother, I moved apartments (and in with my spectacular partner), and I became a full-time dog-mom to two senior, rescued Italian Greyhounds (follow Emperor Vinny Vampire on Instagram). The last few weeks have presented new, exciting challenges, and lots of curse words…especially over home-improvement projects gone wrong and dog shit on the kitchen floor from defiant old dogs who aren’t loving the change.

I try to find leadership lessons throughout these life experiences. Mainly, how to not be so self-critical, find presence and flow, relax into change, and lessen rigidity and perfection. All of that is hard for me. I prefer structure, excellence, and control. I prefer to send you a weekly email about interview best practices and leadership development. But this is real life. I’m a one-woman show right now — a great coach and trainer, who is learning how to be a decent enough businesswoman and entrepreneur. And one who is undoubtedly learning self-compassion when the latter isn’t happening as flawlessly as she’d like!

Thank you for staying with me and asking for more of my content. I love that you are gaining from my lessons, and it delights me to share best practices with all of you. After all, we spend the majority of our waking hours at work. I believe it should be the norm rather than the exception to love what you do. Getting clear on your dream job, pursuing it, nailing the interview and then setting up success strategies in the first 90-days is now my life’s work. Supporting you through coaching, training and even these weekly emails is an honor and privilege. So, I will recommit to the blog in the hopes that my words continue to help and support your journey.

Leadership thought: In the past, when life had “gotten in the way” of your plans, what lesson did you take away? After all, growth happens on the other side of discomfort, and great leaders embrace change!