Today I bought a silver ring that says FEARLESS.

I hope I never take it off.

I hope it reminds me to listen to my gut more often and not shy away from difficult situations.

I hope it inspires me to speak my mind and not compromise myself for fear of upsetting others.

I hope the sight of it compels me to push for my goals, stepping outside my comfort zone so I can grow.

I hope it gives me the wisdom to know that fearlessness is not about the absence of fear but rather acting in spite of it.

That being afraid is ok and part of the human experience.

That bravery and courage are inextricably linked to fear like the dawn after a dark night.

I hope this ring is emblematic of who I know I am deep down – my higher self, my best self.

When I think about being fearless as aspirational, a knowing smile creeps across my face and I hear my inner voice say – you already are my dear.