Perseverance 1.0

I can be tenacious…stubborn really. Perseverance is the kinder word for the obstinate personality some of us are born with and some are not. When you are an entrepreneur though, having the perseverance to forge ahead, through the river of misery, adapting along the way, is actually what sets successful businesses apart from those that fail.

In my opinion, the difference between tenacity and perseverance is the willingness to adapt and change your approach as you go, and go, and go. Rather than digging in your heals and demanding that your way is the best way, you must develop mental agility and flexibility in your problem solving approach combined with perseverance. If you don’t, you might not make it across the river, drowning in self-righteousness, unable see where you went wrong in the first place. Whew – ok, drama aside…let’s talk about how to develop these mental muscles when it comes to perseverance.

The first step, I recommend you take Angela Duckworth’s Grit Scale to measure how you actually stack up. Her book is a 101 class on perseverance and what it takes to make it.

Second, get curious. Think of a super successful person you admire and then ask yourself, “what would ______ do”? Channel their success into your motivation. Perseverance is all about acting, so get inspired and do something every day.

Third, you must develop habits that increase mental agility and flexibility. Check out this helpful article from the Chopra Center. From continued learning to daily physical exercise, there are a number of proven behaviors that will keep your mind sharp as you’re building your business.

Remember, when it comes to perseverance, it is not enough to just not give up. You have to keep going, adjusting your sails with the direction of the wind. Most people give up – don’t be most people. You got this!