When Identity and Reputation Clash20191126024552

When Identity and Reputation Clash

Carrie WeaverNovember 26, 20190 comments
Personal branding is one of my favorite topics to coach through with leaders. I love to help people articulate why they do what they do and how they d...
Dare to Lead20190210165938

Dare to Lead

Carrie WeaverFebruary 10, 2019, , 0 comments
I’ve just finished Brene Brown’s newest book Dare to Lead. It’s the best leadership book I’ve read in a long time. To summarize, Brown calls u...
Leader on Leader Frustrations20190204132556

Leader on Leader Frustrations

Carrie WeaverFebruary 4, 2019, 0 comments
I work with leaders in a variety of industries and organizational sizes. Lately, it seems most of my clients are frustrated with the leadership at the...
Rewrite your story20190120231753

Rewrite your story

Carrie WeaverJanuary 20, 2019, , 0 comments
Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create. – Oprah I’m working with a new client who, li...
Embrace a Move & Job Change20190114015249

Embrace a Move & Job Change

Carrie WeaverJanuary 14, 2019, , , 0 comments
I specialize in helping leaders navigate change. Change is deeply personal and natural to resist due to the brain’s tendency to keep itself safe fr...
Manifestation 1.020181015093024

Manifestation 1.0

Carrie WeaverOctober 15, 20180 comments
I meditate daily. I have for several years. In addition to grounding, centering, and connecting my mind, body and spirit; I also use my meditative pra...
Happiness 1.020181008131404

Happiness 1.0

Carrie WeaverOctober 8, 20180 comments
  I’m currently reading a phenomenal book called Sapiens, a Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari. The biological-anthropological ba...
Uniqueness 1.020181001131141

Uniqueness 1.0

Carrie WeaverOctober 1, 20180 comments
There are a lot of Executive and Leadership coaches out there. When I think about what makes me unique, I sometimes struggle to articulate my secret s...
Perseverance 1.020180924142750

Perseverance 1.0

Carrie WeaverSeptember 24, 20180 comments
I can be tenacious…stubborn really. Perseverance is the kinder word for the obstinate personality some of us are born with and some are not. When yo...
Ownership 1.020180921090003

Ownership 1.0

Carrie WeaverSeptember 21, 20180 comments
When you’re an entrepreneur, initially the success of your business is all you. This lends itself to exposing both our strengths and weaknesses. For...