Rewrite your story

Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create.

– Oprah

I’m working with a new client who, like most of us, is challenged by his own limiting beliefs. He’s applying for new opportunities and wondering if he’s: experienced enough, talented enough, smart enough and leader enough to go out and get the role he really wants… He is.

Impostor syndrome is so common that I’ve already written a blog about it! Reread that here. Today’s blog is about a technique aimed at reframing the stories that hold us back.

First, when limiting beliefs arise, isolate and name it. For my client, it was that he was not experienced enough for a C-level role due to his age. I asked him, “How do you know that to be true?” He didn’t. I asked him, who would you be if you could let go of that idea? He said, “Free to pursue the position unhindered”. When I pointed out that his mind was the thing impeding himself, he got it.  

Second, when it comes to reframing our stories, it is incredibly helpful to actually write a one-page narrative of “your story”. That is, how and why you got here. Be sure to include adversity and growth moments alike. The purpose of this exercise is to examine what is objectively true vs. your story about what you believe happened.

Third, rewrite the one-page story as if everything had gone exactly as you hoped with 100% confidence and without challenge. Then, looking at the original story compared to the rewrite, examine what’s actually different. How could the “rewrite” of your life be an actuality?

When you consider what objectively happened vs. the made up story, the filtering is all happening in our minds. I invite you to step into the story you are willing to create about your circumstance, your thoughts, actions and behaviors.

Why can’t this new story, that better supports you, be just as impactful as the one that holds you back? It can. After all, most of the time the thing getting in the way of living your best life, is you.

Get out of your own way, rewrite your story and go after your goals…hard. You got this.