Resume Best Practices

I’m a “Pro” on LinkedIn, meaning individuals can seek out my services for executive, career, and interview coaching. Additionally, LinkedIn has me listed as a resume writer, which I no longer specialize in as it doesn’t bring me the same joy that coaching does. I share this because I receive 50-60 emails from LinkedIn Pro […]

Anticipating a Job Change

Have you ever been in a position that you knew wasn’t working out, and you decided to find a new job? Decisions like this come easy for some and harder for others. Once you make a choice, your brain begins to anticipate the possibilities of what could go both right and wrong. Change is profoundly […]

Create a Memorable Moment in an Interview

I recently met a pig named Hamlette. He was leashed and walking through a convention center by his owner in Atlantic City. With his bristled hair and spotted skin, Hamlette was tolerant of everyone inspecting, petting and awwing in his direction. Hamlette created quite a memorable moment, something that stood out and one I won’t […]

How to Make Your Interviewer More Comfortable

Interviewing is an awkward thing. There’s a lot of pressure built into the process from the jump. You’re trying to put your best foot forward enough so that someone selects you for a long-term employment arrangement, one that typically lasts years. It’s akin to going on a few dates and then getting married. There’s pressure […]

To Find Your Perfect Job – Go Deep

Do you wish you had a job you loved? Most of us yearn for something that lights us up and doesn’t feel like work because we’re so aligned to the position duties, our colleagues, and the organizational mission. For most Americans, this is not reality. Yet, we spend most of our waking hours at work, […]

Why We Settle for Jobs We Don’t Love

I’m vegan for all the reasons people are vegan – ethical, environmental, and health. I do miss the taste of cheese, though. I was recently speaking with someone about vegan cheese and caught myself saying, “I’ve found a brand that is a close approximation to actual cheese.” That phrase, “a close approximation” got me thinking […]